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For every digital strategy, I conduct competitor and situational analyses using various forms of research (client-driven, user-driven, and data-driven: using platforms like Google Analytics, Google Console, HotJar, Similar Web, SEMrush, and Moz). 

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Each digital marketing campaign starts with setting goals that map back to the business and marketing stage.


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The next step is to define objectives and KPIs. I will set baseline KPIs to review, and then provide the client with separate SMART objectives that map back to goals.

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For paid marketing, it is important to understand key segments and demographic information. I will segment this data in order to start figuring out what our paid strategy will be.

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In order to achieve our goals and meet our objectives, we need tactics. I will create a set of realistic tactics we need to complete by marketing stage and action.

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Each tactic plan will be customized by persona, and will include tactics by marketing stage, and a message strategy for content.  

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